Marc Benno & The Nightcrawlers " CRAWLIN "
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The album recorded in 1973 @ sunset sound Studio Hollywood for A&M

Marc Benno brought a treasure for his Japanese fans!

The recordings which never released for last 32 years....
Marc Benno recorded 7 songs with his band The Nightcrawlers featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan, Doyal Bramhall etc. at Sunset Sound Studio inHollywood for A&M Records in 1973. But A&M decided not to release the record.

This is the special album with the 7 songs and plus another 5 songs of the studio sessions tracks with SRV (G),RussKrunker(Dr.) Mike Utley(key.) Lee Skiar(B.) etc.
The Nightcrawlers
Marc Benno - Guitar and Vocal
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lead Guitar
Doyal Bramhall - Drum and Vocals
Billy Ethridge- Keyboards
Tommy McClure - Bass

*Session Recording with:
Marc Benno - Guitar, Piano and Vocal
Stevie Ray Vaughan- Lead Guitar / Russ Krunkel- Drums
Johnny Perez - Drums / Mike Utley-Keyboards
Gordon Dewitty-Hammond B3 Organ / Lee Skiar- Bass

1. Last Train
2. Coffee Cup
3. 8 Ball
4. Take Me Down Easy
5. Love is Turnin Green
6. Hot Shoe Blues
7. Crawlin
8. Friends*
9. Whole Thang*
10. Slammer Jammer*
11. World Keep Spinnin*
12. Long Ride Home*
*Bonus Tracks

*Please note and understand there are some noise on Track 10 due to the old recording material.